I have built several cars out of Volkswagen Beetle cars. (BUG's)

The first was built on a 12 inch shortened VW frame. It was made of Sheet Metal and looked like a Jeep. I called it the Jigger. It looks like this now.

The Next car was a VW cut in half, the front was a standard VW, the rear was a pickup truck. There was an article in the newspaper about this car.

The third car, was built on a standard VW frame and this car looked like a MG Midget. It looked liked this.

My latest project is the Hummbug you saw on the previous page.

I can truly say that this one was the most fun to build and is a lot of fun to drive but my ultimate dream is to build the 55 Thunderbird (someday)

My current project, restoring the Jigger

Ray Aplin & Bruce Aplin